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Cozy Pet RC01 Review

The Cozy Pet RC01 is the smallest cage available from the Cozy pet range, my two children have two rats and were looking for a larger home as the current one was not large enough and as it had wooden and plastic connections it was being destroyed.

So we began to process of looking for a new rat cage, in the end we settled on the Cozy Pet RC01 it is all metal with a plastic tray at the bottom. 

The build process is fairly simple and you can see that here in this YouTube video. In the video I show you how to put the cage together and at the end show the cage in use with our two rats Smokey and Daisy, the rat cage is great and provides much more room. However we found some of the bars on the roof had broken and the lower rack at the bottom had quickly become rusty. When we complained about this Cozy Pet quickly sent out replacements. 

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Cozy Pet RC01 Small Rodent Cage

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