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Three MIFI Device Unlimited Data

Three MIFI Device with unlimited Data is an excellent solution for true mobile solution for all your wireless devices, three’s excellent network offer some great solutions for mobile WIFI.

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A great drone for beginners

Hi All, if you follow Fantastic Daily Deals you will know I have already written about drones here in my blog. This talks more about larger more expensive drones and ones that are available on the second hand market.
Today I want to show you a great drone for beginners, something that is available to pickup from your local high street at Hawkins Bazaar.

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Top RC cars for beginners

First of all Hello to any newcomers, we hope you find this blog useful. Thank’s for checking out this top RC cars for beginners
You are probably here because you want to try out Remote control cars, well you have come to the right place.
RC’ing in whatever format planes, boats, drones etc etc is a great hobby to get into weather you are young or old its great fun.

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Looking for a way to manage business finances?

Every business has the problem of having to manage their business finances. Its a chore and a drain on resources for all business’s large and small.
Luckily there are plenty of online solutions whether you’re a new business or an established business looking for a solution

If you are looking for something that is affordable and covers all of your needs then checkout Quickbooks

Quickbooks offer pricing from as little at £4 PCM for the first 6 months
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Make your big day extra Amazon-ing!

See what we did with the title there?
Amazon have released a new wedding list & Gifts page which enables you to create a list of things you want as gifts.
Your guests can then go in and buy those gifts for you, and its completely free to set one up!

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Domains, Webhosting and webbuilding all in one place!

If you are looking for Domains, Webhosting and an easy to use webbuilding platform all in one place then look no further than
They offer the full package

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Castle Sleepovers

Warwick Castle Located just two miles from junction 15 of the M40 in the heart of the Midlands offers excellent sleepover packages as well as awesome entertainment in the grounds. 
So head over and check them out for some excellent deals and getaways 
Warwick Castle

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Motorcycle Live 2018 Review

So as you may or may not be aware I am a biker, bikes are in my blood.  So on a fairly regular basis I have been known to travel up to Birmingham NEC for the Annual Motorcycle Live show, manufactures and suppliers battle it out for your attention at probably the biggest show of its kind in the UK! On the 17th November I traveled up with a couple of  Friends. Continue reading Motorcycle Live 2018 Review

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Free Website Hosting beginners guide

Free Web Hosting

If you clicked on this link then you’re probably looking for a free website the same thing that I was a few weeks ago, somewhere to host your website at no cost! I spent a very long time looking for something that would suit without costing the earth. A few years back I experimented with free web hosting without a great deal of success. But now I have found an excellent solution, to free webhosting.

Why free web hosting?

Why would you choose a free host as apposed to a payed one? Free hosting is great if you are just starting out. It means you don’t have to risk investing into something that may not work for you. It means you can test the waters see if what you are trying to achieve works. 

Any con’s?

As with anything there are con’s the main one being that setting up a Secure site or HTTPS:// is not as straight forward however if you are using WordPress there is a work around. In the links below you will find links to other sites explaining how to do this, you also get restrictions such as only being able to setup one site per host. However this is not an issue for most users.

Who should I choose to host with?

There are literally hundreds of free host’s out there with varying degrees of reputation with google and other search engines but I am going to recommend the one I am using it has no size limits and no bandwidth limits and even gives you a free domain name but you can use your own if you like. The one I am currently using is x10 click below to follow.

Free Web Hosting

Setup is very simple and you don’t have to be an expert to get things going if you follow the video below you will soon be up and running

Now What? 

You have your website and you have a domain so now its time to get things moving, essentially its up to you what you use but I recommend word press as its free and east to use, I was a word press novice 2 weeks ago! You can use this excellent tutorial from x10 to get started x10 wordpress setup

Usefull Links

Handy links to help you out setting up your new website

Free Webhosting – X10’s excellent solution for free hosting

How to setup SSL on WordPress

 Thanks for reading comment below if you like, please subscribe and check out our home page

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Drones, Drones, Drones

Sorry for droning on (sorry), wherever we look these days be it up in the sky or even on our TV screens drones are there filming, buzzing and taking selfies! So why are these great bits of technology so accessible and popular these days? With the threat of governments wanting them banned in some places and other organisations wanting special licences they still continue to be popular. So read on to find out why? Continue reading Drones, Drones, Drones

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