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Don’t use up your DATA on Social Media!

Are you constantly checking Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, snapping on Snapchat, Twitting on Twitter or even whatsapping on Whats app? Then check out Voxi this new network below……

So VOXI is basically a new network that offers completely unlimited access to all your social media, you won’t use any data whilst using Facebook, Whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, or twitter!

And they do it all for very good value too, and at the moment on their 6gb and 15gb you get a bit extra, offer ends 2nd December

If you register with VOXI they will send you out a FREE sim card which you just pay for on a monthly rolling basis so you can cancel at any time, and even re connect if you wish!

Here are the current SIM only plans, with each one you get Endless Calls and Texts and Roaming in Europe!

The great thing about VOXI is that because you are not using up your DATA whilst using social media you are going to use a load less DATA over all!


VOXI also do phone plans as well and the great thing is none of the phones they offer have no upfront costs, but also you pay for the phone and contract separately so that you are never tied into a contract.

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4 new from £16.00
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Last updated on May 25, 2020 3:04 pm
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