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Drones, Drones, Drones

Sorry for droning on (sorry), wherever we look these days be it up in the sky or even on our TV screens drones are there filming, buzzing and taking selfies! So why are these great bits of technology so accessible and popular these days? With the threat of governments wanting them banned in some places and other organisations wanting special licences they still continue to be popular. So read on to find out why? 

Why so popular? 

So why are they so popular? as little as a few years ago to get in the air in the form of RC you needed expensive RC planes and lots of skill to fly. These days for as little as a few pounds for entry level ones up to £1200 plus you get everything you need in an easy to fly package. So lets start with some budget options maybe your looking for something to get you started? The easiest way to do this is to head over to ebay and search for the more inexpensive options there are loads out there with plenty of features, you will see all these options available on the link above where you will see a lot of these bad boys 

RC Quadcopter Syma X8SW

These range from about £65 and upwards and do really contain everything you need to get started so its worth taking a look!  

Big Budget? 

Maybe your looking for something a bit better than a cheap option, maybe your budget is way more than that? Then I can only recommend DJI but lets not start with the expensive stuff lets take a look and the used market. A lot of people buy drones they buy the whole kit and it costs them a fortune! But then they give up and sell it all on, the good thing about this is that it means we get a whole lot more for a whole lot less! 

A very nice DJI Phantom used package

Clicking the picture above will take you to all the used items currently available on ebay and your likely to get some great deals! Make sure you read all the descriptions properly before making a decision on any used item.

So there we go a little round up of drones to try and save you money, if your still in the market for a super expensive all singing all dancing drone then click the link below

Before you do buy a drone I strongly suggest you look at the following link first 

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