How to build a website for Free or £1 per month

Building a website does not have to be hard work! Especially if you are just making a simple website for your business. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here at Fantastic Daily Deals we have decided to put together a guide on how to build a website for as little as £1 per month, or free if you don’t need a fancy domain.

Create your website first

Before you do anything it is always a good idea to create/ build your website first, and make sure that you are happy with what you have before committing to a domain name.  The best way to do this is to use x10hosting, they offer completely free re-liable hosting, we use them for our website. So first of all head over to x10hosting’s site, there is no obligation to join but you will need to adhere to their hosting policy. 
The features of X10 are as follows:

Free Web Hosting
  • Completely Free Hosting
  • Unlimited Storage (with request through forum)
  • 1 Database
  • 1 Parked Domain
  • 2 Addon domains and 2 sub-domains 

Click the link above to be taken to the x10 website, then click on create my account.  You will be given the opportunity to register your free domain name, this will be the webaddress used to get to your website.  We have used mywebsite1.x10host for this guide. Once you are happy click continue, you will then be asked to register your email address and agree to the terms conditions. You will be sent a verification email, you need to click the link to get your website live, setup your name when it asks and click continue.

Once that’s done you will see the following, this means your website is almost ready.

 Click on Open cPanel and you will see the following, click on Add Website

Once you have done that you can setup your website, and you have some options here 

Custom Website

If you have a website that you have created in other software you can add this via FTP

Use Website Builder

If you are a complete novice this is a very good way to setup your website. We go into more detail below on how to set this up, and this will be the basis of our guide.

Software Installer

x10 offer an excellent solution to setting up things like wordpress with an automatic website script installer, just select your preferred software and away you go.

Using the website Builder

Click on add website with Website builder and you will see the following after giving your site a title 

Then click on Edit with Sitebuilder and you will see the following 

Browse through all of the templates that are available. There are plenty, and remember that they are fully customisable. You can even preview them. Select the one that suits your business the most.  Once you have selected the template, you will be greeted with a very intuitive website builder (see below).

Once you have built your website all you need to do is publish it by clicking the publish button at the top.

Registering a Domain name

Once you have created or built your website, you may wish to register a domain name.  It is important to think about your domain name. If you have a company name then make it that, but if you want something to describe what you are doing think hard about what you want it to be. As far as domain registration goes we are going to recommend They offer extensive web solutions, and offer a very competitive web registration at £0 per month for the first year. 

Put in your required domain name and click check.  If it’s available click on add to cart and fill in your payment details. Once logged in and registered you will be able to log in and point the domain at your new website. 
To do this do the following; 

  1. Log into your new ionos account 
  2.  Click on Domains & SSL
  3. Click on the domain name name that you created 
  4. Select adjust name server 
  5. Select edit name server 
  6. In nameserver1 put in nameserver 2 put then click save
  7. Now log back into your x10 hosting account that you created earlier 
  8. Open the cPannel 
  9. Click on Domains then add new domain
  10. Select Park a Domain and put in the domain you registered with Ionos and click add domain

And that’s it, it takes up to 24 hours before your domain will register correctly across the web so please bare that in mind.

Thank’s so much for taking the time to check out this guide please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues at [email protected], if you have created a website using this guide please send us a link and we will feature it here in our blog