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Mobile Data and Alexa

Looking for a mobile broadband solution with smart speaker capabilities built in?

Well if that is what you are looking for then look no further than the 4G Wireless Router Huawei AICubeB900 Smart Speaker

4g Router and Smart Speaker in one

This little box of awesomeness in the 4G Wireless Router Huawei AICubeB900 Smart Speaker and Three are doing a flippin’ fantastic deal on it.
If you live in an area where your standard broadband is a bit flakey but your mobile signal is OK and you want a 4g router and Alexa together in one tidy little package then check this bad boy out!

The Huawei AICubeB900 combines a very capable mobile broad band router with Alexa and with Three you get unlimited DATA too which means you can ask silly questions all day long and not worry about the bill!
So currently Three are offering this little box of tricks at £0 up front cost that’s right nada zero nothing all you have to do is pay a monthly cost of of £25 squids a month, that means you get a router that can handle up to 64 connections but also has Alexa built in if you like that sort of thing! Click below to order…..

Lets do a bit of math’s and numbers stuff and compare the costs of other Mobile Broadband stuff and Standard DSL remember this will only cost you £25 a month and with speeds up to 15mbps that’s pretty good.

DSL Cheapest

OK here is the cheapest Broadband Deal I can find at the moment Talk Talk
£17.95 a month over 24 months on standard DSL which is not bad but remember this is standard DSL so there is a chance depending on your area that your speeds could be minimal click below to see this offer

Talk Talk Broadband

Mobile Data Broadband Cheapest

There are of course over options for mobile data broadband I have found the current cheapest mobile broadband option out there that I can find which may be useful if your area has a rubbish Three signal.
The best price I can find on a Similar package is on o2 with free device and 60gb of Data at £25 per month, click below for this deal

o2 Mobile broadband deal

Here are some links you might find useful before ordering the 4G Wireless Router Huawei AICubeB900 Smart Speaker from Three, we recommend you have a good 3g signal to utilise the unit properly

Three Signal Checker

Broadband area speed checker

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