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Totally unlimited Data SIM

There are alot of SIM only deals at the moment which offer DATA only offers with some pretty high data packages, however there is only one network offering a true unlimited data package and that’s Three!
Plus its excellent value for money, and if you have an old iPhone or Android phone laying around you can quickly turn that into a wireless router using this SIM, I will show you how to do this if you read on but first here is the deal!

12 Month Plan
Unlimited DATA
Unlimited TEXT
Unlimited Minutes
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So Basically you need to sign up to a 12 month contract but it does give you alot for the money and if you are in an area with bad broadband but good three network coverage, then you are laughing as you could have very capable broadband. Three claim up to 14.58mbps which is pretty good and way better than standard DSL. Remember its unlimited and with Three’s endless bingeing it really is unlimited DATA


How to setup a mobile with tethering

So you got your SIM now what? Well you have a couple of options, you can buy a mobile broadband router which basically you stick your SIM in and setup your SSID as you would on a normal router but all you do is plug it into the power and away you go three offer one on a 24 month contract at £22 a month see below

Device image 1 for Huawei HomeFi in black.
Click to see plan

Or you can buy one here any of the items in that link will work with this SIM, but today we are going to look at setting up an old mobile as a WIFI router. You will be more limited on the amount of devices you can connect and its going to struggle when too much DATA is being pulled through, but you can take it on holiday with you and that just wins!

Android WIFI Hotspot

The below instructions may vary from phone to phone so please bare this in mind when following the instructions below.

Select more under settings> Wireless and networks
Select Tethering & Portable hotspot
Select Setup Wi-Fi hotspot

You then need to setup your SSID (WIFI network name) and the passcode (the WIFI password) and thats it your done

Setup Tethering on an ios Device

The below instructions may vary from phone to phone so please bare this in mind when following the instructions below.

Tap on the Settings cog and tap WIFI
Turn on Personal Hotspot the WIFI password is automatically updated but you can change it, the WIFI network is your phones name!

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